What is home insurance and why should one get home insurance?

If you are also going to take home insurance and want to know what is home insurance and what types of losses are covered in home insurance, then definitely read this post completely.

In home insurance, the boundary wall of any person’s private house and the contents inside the house are insured. This insurance can be taken by the tenant living on rent and the landlord giving the house on rent according to their needs. Its Basic plan covers a select few, and the Comprehensive plan covers all special needs.

Friends, in today’s post we are going to talk about Home Insurance. If you are interested in knowing what is Home Insurance, then read this post till the end.

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What is Home Insurance ?

Home insurance means home insurance comes under a simple insurance which is called general insurance. If you purchase home insurance and any kind of damage happens to your house, then the company from which you bought your insurance, that company is yours. makes up for the damage.

What is home insurance
why should one get home insurance
why should one get home insurance

Who can get home insurance ?

  • People whose house falls in the seismic zone can take home insurance.
  • People whose house is in the flood area can get their home insured.
  • Those people who do not have their own house, they live on rent, they can get home insurance.
  • There are many such things due to which you can get home insurance.

What damages are covered under home insurance?

That is, the insurance company covers the types of damages that happen at home under its insurance. If there has been a theft in your house due to any reason, then the coverage of this is also given by the home insurance company.

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If your home is damaged due to a natural disaster, the insurance company provides coverage. (Fire) The insurance company provides coverage for the damage caused due to fire in the house. (Flood) ie the insurance company provides coverage for the damage caused by the flood.

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The insurance company provides coverage for the damage caused by Earthquake. All these damages are covered from whichever company you have purchased your home insurance.

Which damages are not covered under home insurance claim?

  • Damage caused to property due to negligence,
  • Damage caused to property intentionally.
  • Damage caused by wear and tear, damage caused by war or nuclear attack, etc.

Home insurance Policies Terms

Different insurance companies offer coverage ranging from one year to five years at a time.

Benefits of Home insurance

What is home insurance

Financial assistance is given by the insurance company on such insurance. Anyone can take this type of insurance. To take advantage of this, the amount of regular premium has to be paid. Home insurance covers not only your home but also the garage, hall, premises etc. Along with this, furniture and other products can also be covered under the add on facility.

Things to keep in mind in home insurance

If you also want to take home insurance for yourself, then read the things mentioned below carefully once. Only then plan for home insurance.

  • Sum assured and coverage: A good sum assured should be equal to the reinstatement value, which means the cost of rebuilding or installing or replacing the insured house and contents of the house under home insurance in case of damage .
  • Choose the right add ons according to the needs of your home, this helps in saving the premium.
  • Premium is saved even after taking the first loss policy. First loss policy is taken when the chances of theft or loss of the entire household items at once are less.
  • Taking less insurance than required – In such a situation, you will get less claim in case of loss, and thus you will not be able to take full advantage of the policy.
  • If the correct information is not given in the policy then difficulties can arise while taking the claim.
  • Before taking the policy, the plans of different insurance companies should be compared and their claim settlement ratio should also be seen.
  • The terms and conditions of the company should be read carefully before taking the policy.


In this article we tell you What is Home Insurance? The benefits of home insurance and that can be covered under home insurance have been explained in detail. If you want to know anything else than this, then you can ask us through comments. Comment will be replied soon.

FAQs –

what types of losses are covered in home insurance ?

Home insurance is an insurance in which you are protected against various types of damages such as if there is any damage to your house due to natural calamities like earthquake fire and also against man-made calamities like . You will also get compensation against repairs, ruins etc.

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