Chandigarh GPF Statement Download Online @ Principal Accountant Portal

Chandigarh GPF Statement Download Online – Punjab and Chandigarh State Government has a unique Principal Accountant page which allows its employees to access Chandigarh GPF details, and every State Government employee working in different departments has a General Provident Fund Account, which is their For future security.

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Chandigarh GPF Statement Download Online

This is essential to regularly check your personal GPF details to ensure that your salary deductions are being credited to the GPF account.

Having proper verification of Punjab and Chandigarh statements allows the employee to plan for the future as well as ensure that their entire amount is being calculated along with the interest that has been declared.

How to Check Chandigarh GPF Statement

Here we will guide you to download Chandigarh and Punjab GPF Statement from the official website of Accountant General of the state.

  • Visit the website of the Principal Accountant General of Punjab and Chandigarh.
  • Click here for redirect in the URL bar to launch the page.
  • Click on GPF in the menu and then click on GPF Status to open a new page.
  • Here select your GPF Series Code form drop down and given list.
  • Next, fill the GPF number with the password given to you.
  • After entering the captcha code shown in the inbox click on submit button.
  • Click to generate report and then select month along with year.

After using this process Punjab and Chandigarh details for your GPF account will be loaded on the screen for the selected month. To check the payments being added to your GPF account, simply download the slip and keep it with your payslip.

How to Get Chandigarh GPF Statement

Every employee of Punjab and Chandigarh state has to register himself to activate his online credentials to access GPF account online.

  • Go to the Chandigarh GPF login page BY clicking here.
  • Here click on Forgot Password and then select your Series Code from the dropdown.
  • Now enter pf number and then enter your mother’s name.
  • Enter your favorite sport.
  • Click on submit button.
  • Password reset page will open, enter your new password here.
  • Submit your new password twice and then confirm to save it.
  • this much only! Punjab & Chandigarh GPF Password has been set for your account and you can use it to access your online GPF account details.

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FAQs-Chandigarh GPF Statement Download 2021

How Can I change the Chandigarh GPF Password ?

Yes, as per requirement you should have matched your mother’s name with the name of the game which was used during registration. Use the Forgot Password link and change your password anytime as per your convenience.

Can I get GPF slip for last two years for Punjab and Chandigarh account?

Yes, one GPF account for every employee is filled with data for the whole year. Employees can access Punjab & Chandigarh GPF page anytime and get their GPF details for any selected month.

Should I register mobile number with Punjab and Chandigarh GPF?

The Accountant General Punjab page for Punjab and Chandigarh GPF does not ask for mobile number. The updated mobile number is required to be registered with the employee record, but it is not used for access to the GPF account.

How to Chandigarh GPF Statement Download Online in 2023?

if you want to download the Chandigarh GPF Statement Download Online then you have to follow the steps .

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